• America needs some tough love

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  • The solutions to America's most pressing problems will come from people you have never heard of

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  • Turn off the TV and get to work

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  • America will remain the greatest nation if we are a bit more honest with one another and work a bit harder

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  • Legal Immigration Is Good For America.

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First Thoughts

  • Meredith

    America needs some tough love

    America faces serious challenges, but has an un-serious culture. And the heart of the problem is that few of the “grownups” – the people in charge, the ones who have traditionally spoken the tough truths – are willing to do anything but tell people what they want to hear.

    Politicians are no use – they just want to pander for votes. Most of the media is just an extension of the Democratic party, and many of the rest are afraid to challenge their audience, lest they lose viewers/readers/listeners.

    This leaves us with a stultified national dialogue. A country that can’t even discuss its real problems.

    So it’s up to us “regular folk” to step up and force that conversation. This site is a humble attempt to contribute to this effort.

    And it is based upon three premises:

    1) The writers at this site need to hear tough love in their own lives. This is certainly not a case of Fancypants Self-declared Experts telling other people all that’s wrong with them. This is not a YOU need to hear some things movement; it is a WE need to hear some things movement.

    2) Hard work, education, personal freedom, and a belief in something larger than yourself is the best recipe to fix what ails America.

    3) A strong, prosperous and free America is the best hope for those suffering around the world.

    We hope this site can get important conversations going that will help strengthen lives. We also hope to have some fun along the way. Can we do all this and also promote civility? We’ll try.

    And who knows. Maybe truth will prove contagious.

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Here's an idea: let's rework our immigration system to admit those foreigners who will create jobs, be net taxpayers, and love our country above all others! It's not rocket-science.

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