• The solutions to America’s most pressing problems will come from people you have never heard of

    What are the people to do when their leaders abandon them?

    American elites have failed us. But they’ve done great for themselves.

    Politicians, bankers, academics, union honchos, Hollywood: all of them are doing great, even as they hollow out America and strip it clean.

    Meanwhile, they promote government dependency and a victim mentality for the most vulnerable, which solidifies elite power while fostering division and hate.


    The simple truth is, the status quo is working GREAT for a sliver of elite Americans. Politicians and their friends are living the sweet life. The rest of Americans? Their future is far less secure.

    To fix it, we first have to unlearn some falsehoods and then we have to talk some hard truths. But our leaders have zero incentive to drive this national conversation, because why would they want to disrupt a system that guarantees them power and money?

    That means, except in a precious few cases where people of exceptional character are willing to risk the easy life to say and do the tough things, we can’t look to famous people, national leaders or others we’ve all heard of to solve our nation’s problems.

    The solutions must come from you. And me. And your neighbor up the street, and that random stranger on Twitter you notice tweets pretty profound stuff.

    It is left to people no one has ever heard of to save America, and, by extension, the world.

    But that initially-frightening truth is actually liberating. Because Americans have vested too much power in their President and in Big Government to solve all their problems.

    Guess what? No President is able to solve your problems. No Government is going to make everything all right. You need to work with others to solve the problems around you.

    Disabusing ourselves of the false notion that Washington, DC is the answer to our prayers is the first step in fixing what ails us.